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Shilpi Gupta is an artist who loves to paint with different mediums. Watercolors have fascinated her the most. Pieces by 'Shilpi Art' mostly include photo realistic paintings in watercolors.

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Shilpi believes in challenging herself and thinking differently in everything that she does. She is a self taught artist. She channelizes her creative urges to create something that is authentic, realistic and a pleasure to the eyes. 'Shilpi Art'  paintings are inspired by the beautiful nature and the play of colours with natural effects of light on it. Art is how she achieves peace of mind and soul. 

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"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"



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Thank you for your interest. To view more of my work, click on 'View Paintings' above.  If you are interested in custom art, let us know. For any inquiries or comments, please contact 'Shilpi Art' today.


All artwork and images are the copyright of Shilpi Gupta and will not be used without the written permission of the artist. ©2019 by ShilpiArt. 

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